Christ Church Newsletter - Week of August 7th, 2016

Meteor Shower tonight!
We’ve all heard of Halley’s Comet which swings around the sun every 76 years (next appearance in 2061,) but have you heard of comet Swift-Tuttle? It comes around every 133 years and is a real litterbug! It passes close to the orbital path of the Earth and sheds thousands of pieces of ice Tonight and tomorrow night we will pass through this debris cloud, and as each piece hits the atmosphere it burns up with a flash of light. Since these tracks seem to come from the region of the constellation Perseus, it has been dubbed the Perseid Meteor Shower. Best viewing is starting at midnight Friday morning. Enjoy!

Charlie Lomax
Our old friend Charlie Lomax died this week, just a few days after the death of his son Randy. We will gather to remember Charlie Saturday, August 20th at 2 PM.

Last of the Summer Picnics
Our popular summer picnics will resume on Wed. August 17 and on Wed. August 31. These are new dates (no picnic August 24, sorry!) but the results will be the same -- two more fun summer evenings with good food and great fellowship on the Lower Lawn. Join us from 5:30 to 7. Extra volunteers for salads or grillmeisters always welcome, just email Lauren at

CSA Food Drive
Christ Church has always been vet generous in providing food for distribution by the Community Services Agency. Even in summer people need to eat. Keep up the good work.

Peninsula Harmony Chorus
… will be presenting their program harmonizing rhythms on Saturday, September 24th at 7:30 PM in the Parish Hall. For further information, see their web site or call (408) 655-8182.

Calendar (for additions or corrections, just reply to this email)

Sun 8/14 – CSA Food drive
Wed 8/17 5:30 – Picnic
Mon 8/22 – School starts
Wed 8/31 5:30 – Picnic

Sat 9/24 7:30 – harmonizing rhythms in the Parish Hal
Sun 9/25 & Mon 9/26 – Picture taking for new directory

Sat 10/1 – Oktoberfest

July 2061
Thus 7/28 – Halley’s Comet