The act of prayer is an essential part of our worship at Christ Church and within our community.

At the Eucharist, we offer up particular concerns and persons who have requested prayer in the Prayers of the People.

At the 10:15 a.m. service on most Sundays, a lay healing minister is available for quiet prayer with individual members of the congregation during the communion service

At various times of the year we use our labyrinth, which offers a prayerful way to enter into contemplative conversation with God while walking a path that leads through an intricate design.  A recent addition to the church grounds is a labyrinth that was painted in the parking lot behind the Parish Hall by Ventana School's Third Grade Class under the direction of Teacher Bryn Pennington.  This labyrinth is open for meditative walks whenever school is not is session.  

The prayers and thanksgivings on pages 808 to 841 in The Book of Common Prayer are a valuable resource addressing specific needs.

If you have a special intention you wish the church to pray for, please feel free to let us know by using the request form below.  Your intention will be remembered for three weeks at our Sunday services.  Feel free to re-submit the request after the three weeks are up.  


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