"We give out of gratitude for the many gifts we have received from God, and because we believe in supporting our spiritual home."

"Christ Church has become my home away from home."

"With each passing year we appreciate more and more how important our church life is in our lives. We feel so richly blessed by our friends at Christ Church, our wonderful new rector, our outstanding music program, our Ventana School and families, and the many opportunities for service in our community. Our faith continues to be strengthened by our life together at Christ Church."


Annual pledges provide the operating budget of the church. You may also choose to donate to a particular Christ Church ministry and can make those tax deductible donations here.


2018 Annual Pledge

You can make your 2018 Pledge payment(s) by clicking below. (Please note that you’ll have to make pledge payments manually while we transition to a system that automates this process.)